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I am a product and jewelry designer from originally Iowa.  My upbringing entailed; taking jewelry apart with my father and learning about art from my mother. After a silversmithing apprenticeship, I obtained Masters in Design from the Peter Behrens School of Design in Düsseldorf, Germany. My contemporary jewelry and accessories embody my love for materials and my diverse life experiences. 



Sunrise Flour Mill Company


Broken Spoke Boutique



Emma Carroll is a jewelry and product designer from Southeast Iowa who currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  In 2012, she graduated with a Masters in Design from The Peter Behrens School of Art /FH Düsseldorf in Germany. After moving back to the US, she has taught at several colleges and currently teaches in St. Paul. Emma is designer with a sensitivity to detail, technology and material combinations. Her passion lies in connecting colleges with corporate sponsorship and bringing innovation out of the classroom and into society.

CONTACT: info@emdsign.com